Amazing A Few Quick Wedding Reception Songs to Get You Started on Your Special Day

A Few Quick Wedding Reception Songs to Get You Started

A Few Quick Wedding Reception Songs to Get You Started on Your Special Day

When planning a wedding reception it is easy to become overwhelmed by wedding reception ideas. But you don’t have to worry about that! There are just too many wedding reception ideas to list that all will be amazing.

So how do you know what type of music to pick? First of all, your wedding reception will be less boring with no dancing! This is the main reason why we always recommend wedding reception DJ music. With a wedding DJ you can choose from any kind of songs you want and they’ll play them for you. Here are some wedding reception songs you can pick to begin dancing:

“Let It Go Slowly” by The Who – This song is one of my favorite wedding reception songs. This song has a very slow tempo that makes it perfect for your wedding reception venue. It’s romantic and has a very soft feel to it. Another great thing about this song is that it’s not too fast or slow. “Let It Go Slowly” also has some great lyrics that provide some motivation for your wedding reception dancers.

We have talked about the slower songs and now we will discuss the faster songs! If you’re looking for wedding reception songs that everyone will love, “White Wedding” by ABBA is the one to choose. This song has a fantastic beat that will get everyone into the party moving. You can also check out the video for this song to see how beautiful the wedding reception looks when the bride is doing her walk down the aisle. The video even includes a fun little dance that the wedding DJ will perform.

“We Are the Stars” by The Who is another great wedding reception song that will have everyone in stitches. This song was a big hit when The Who were major hits. During your ceremony, you can use this dance to kick off your guests and get them in the mood for your grand entrance song.

Finally, a few more wedding reception songs to kick things off are “Give Me the Reason” by Michael Jackson and “Happily Ever After” by America. Both of these songs have long glides that will get your guests moving at your wedding reception. You can use the cocktail hour to start the dancing as well with “ervescent” (chasing the drink across the bar) and “twirl” (two steps with the drink in each hand). You can also choose to incorporate a dance routine into your cocktail hour. Get some fabulous wedding party ideas from us and start planning your special day today!

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