Best Dress Up With Different Dresses by Style

Dress Up With Different Dresses by Style

Dress Up With Different Dresses by Style

When shopping for dresses by style, there are many things to consider. It’s not enough just to pick a dress in hopes that it will be “in” this year’s wedding trend. Knowing what to look for, and how to shop for it, may save you time and money in the end. Let’s look at a few popular styles to go with this spring’s hottest attire.

The most classic look for wedding dresses by style is the classic A-line skirt. These skirts are either full or quarter-length, with a small amount of elbow room at the waist. A-lines give a sleek silhouette, and are perfect for slender, natural-hued women. Navy blue, royal blue, and sapphire blue are all popular colors for this timeless silhouette.

As we’ve mentioned before, this fall’s hottest looks for wedding dresses by style are those with the slight hint of purple. One example is the bubble style hemline jacket. Bubble blouses are perfect for spring and casual weddings alike. One tip: If you’re wearing a bubble jacket in a different hue, such as turquoise, don’t match it exactly. Choose an coordinating color, or try a soft tulle slip overtop to soften the stark contrast. You’ll also look fabulous in styles like a ruffled tulle skirt with a bold print or an elegant spaghetti strap style jacket.

If you’d rather skip the A-line, one stylish option is the straight sleeve, V-neck cut. This cut is great for long dresses, as it helps to elongate the torso. You can also opt for the traditional, long length with the skirt length following the natural curves of the body. For a casual but stunning wedding gown, a navy blue dress with a flared skirt is very modern and perfect for a wedding on a beach.

Another great choice for wedding dresses by style is a short sleeve version. These styles are very comfortable for wedding guests, as they’re not too tight, yet show off the girls. Navy blue dresses with a slight flare are ideal for beach and garden weddings, while other styles like a strapless version that comes down to just above the knee look absolutely stunning for most summertime events.

Long, flowing dresses are absolutely gorgeous for spring and summer weddings. One example is the always-wedding-ready princess cut, which flows down the back of the bride. Other styles, including the A-line, are still perfect for long day-to-night events. In fact, the only thing holding back on long styles like these is the weather. However, by choosing an appropriate hem length, the perfect dress can be worn in almost any season.

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