Legendary How To Choose The Best Art Deco Interior Design Ideas

How To Choose The Best Art Deco Interior Design Ideas

How To Choose The Best Art Deco Interior Design Ideas

Art Deco interior design ideas are generally characterized by the use of bold and contrasting colours, delicate furnishings and architectural detailing. It is believed to have originated in America, although the actual place of origin has probably been somewhere in Europe since the late 1890s. During this period, often called the Art Deco Period, wealthy individuals had luxurious apartments in fashionable, up-market buildings. The design inspiration for these modern dwellings came from the art and architecture of previous age styles such as the Roman, French, Greek, and Turkish cultures.

Art Deco interior design ideas were often inspired by the latest fashions in fashionable clothing and soft furnishings. The luxurious feeling in the luxurious apartment was heightened by the addition of exotic fabrics, beautiful rugs, gilded chairs, intricately carved woodwork, and highly decorative art deco lighting effects. This luxurious feeling extended to the soft furnishings within the space, as many times delicate floral arrangements or animal statues were placed in the walls.

When you have an eye for detail and an interest in how art deco interior design ideas can be used to create an opulent living environment, then you will be in a good position to identify other features of these designs which can help you bring the whole space together. For example, if the walls are painted in rich colours, you could add a grouping of cushions made of plush wool throw, along with pillows covered in fur, or leather trimmed with seagrass to give the appearance of seaweed and sand. You may also wish to consider adding a large aquarium filled with fish, turtles, or snakes along with soft furnishings in the form of wicker rattan and wicker furniture.

You could use modern art deco interior design ideas to create a stunning dining room with a view over a terrace, or even a small lounge area incorporating comfortable soft furnishings. Soft rugs can be used on the floor, together with comfortable cushions on the lounge chairs placed either side of the table. You might decide to place a modern bookcase against the wall opposite the entrance to provide a platform for displaying the collection of art deco lamps and candle holders you have chosen.

If you wish to add a touch of glamour to your living room, you might choose art deco interior design ideas which feature heavily lacquered wooden surfaces. You may then finish the walls in highly decorative wallpaper, which would have been prepared by a highly qualified art deco designer. You could then have an armoire built above the fireplace, with matching mantelpiece and coffee table. The walls around the fireplace will be lined with velvet curtains, while you will have highly decorative window treatments in the same colour as the walls and the furnishings. This type of a scheme is perfect for a more formal atmosphere, with minimal use of furniture and a focus on quality rather than fashion.

In addition to using highly detailed and highly polished furnishings and wall coverings to achieve the ultra-glamour look, you could also opt for a more sober approach, and create a more minimalist living room. This would look stunning, and will definitely contrast with any modern art deco interior design ideas. If you prefer a modernist look, you could opt for heavily lacquered wooden surfaces, with geometric patterns, and a focus on clean cut lines.

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