Great Necklace Sizes For Different Face and Body Types

Necklace Sizes For Different Face and Body Types

Necklace Sizes For Different Face and Body Types

Necklace sizes charts are a necessity in the professional world. Not only does the wearer need to know her necklace sizes, he or she needs to know how to measure the necklace so it will fit properly. That means getting the right jeweler, and making sure he or she has a necklace sizes chart on hand.

In the professional world, details really matter. That includes the small little things such as proper necklace sizes and clean, pressed neck. However, in imperfect universe, having that right necklace size is just as hard as need it to be. Sometimes you get the exact right type of chain, but the necklace being too big for your neck is too big. Or the necklace you wear is simply too long for your neck, even though you’ve worn it well for weeks.

It’s not too bad, actually. It just takes a little time. What’s important is your necklace sizes are accurate. You don’t want to look like you are trying too hard to dress up. So here are a few tips to help you with your necklace sizes quest:

Short Necklaces Measuring in Length and Inches: One way to measure your necklace is the standard necklace sizes, which are based on the length and circumference of your neck. There are other styles of necklace, such as the oval or round necklaces. These are slightly different lengths, and will also differ in length from their rounded counterparts. For the oval style, simply measure from the center of the knot to the crease on your neck. For the round necklace, subtract two inches for the width of the necklace, and then subtract one inch for the thickness of the necklace, because the rounded necklace is usually wider than its oval counterpart.

Long Necklaces Measuring in Cylinder Size and Inches: The length of a necklace is a little more tricky, because the measurement depends on both the width of your neck and the diameter of your hips. To find out your average necklace length, measure from your natural apple of your neck to the natural collar bone of your dog. This gives you the average length for a medium sized dog. If you have a longer neck or a long neck, use the long necklace sizes. For the short neck or a round face, use the short necklace sizes.

Collarbones: The width of your necklace is determined by the collarbone that is located at the corner of your mouth. Measure from the center of your collarbone to the crease on your neck, then add one inch. This is the measurement of your collarbone and it will help you determine which necklace is best for your neckline. For instance, if your necklace has a very deep and wide girth, then a thick, longer necklace would look better on you, as compared to a necklace with a thinner and sleeker neckline. But if you wear very thin and fine necklines, then a thin, long necklace would make you look slimmer and sexier.

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