Great Picking a Fruit Basket Crate and Barrel

Picking a Fruit Basket Crate and Barrel

Picking a Fruit Basket Crate and Barrel

Have you ever tried storing a fruit basket in a fruit basket crate and barrel? A fruit basket is a very attractive container to store your fresh fruit. However, there are many problems you may encounter when trying to store them safely and securely. In this article I will discuss three different methods you can use to store your fruits properly.

First off, when you are out at night it is very hard to keep an eye on every piece of fruit that goes into the fruit basket crate and barrel. I would recommend you get a larger container and put the fruit inside so you will have something to look at night. This is especially true if you have a large family or even a large house since you won’t have the luxury of seeing what’s going into your fruit basket all day long.

If you don’t have enough room for another container then you could place the basket on the floor and then tie it off at the top with twine. Twine can be found at any hardware store. Then you can wrap it around the rim of the barrel tightly. This is a great way to keep pests out since the fruit will be falling out. Just make sure that the lid isn’t too loose or it could spill over the rim of the barrel.

Another method for keeping pests out is to purchase a netting that goes over your fruit basket. The netting should be kept in an area where the fruit can fall but not touching the ground. This will prevent pests from getting to the basket while it is still filled with fruit. Some people even place a small doorbell on their front door which will scare away birds that would otherwise eat the fruit that is stored in the basket cage.

The best method to use for storing fruit is using large plastic totes. Place the container on the floor near your door and drape the cloth over it so that no fruit flies out into the yard. These totes are also handy for carrying supplies to and from the garden.

Another way to keep pests out is to add some marbles or pebbles to the bottom of the barrel. This will keep small animals from stepping on the fruit. You may also place some type of sprinkler system so that pests are discouraged. Most pests will move on once they see marbles or pebbles. Using the fruit basket cage and barrel is the best way to store your fruit in your backyard.

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