Beautiful Seeds of Peace – Camping at the Seeds of Peace in Chicago

Seeds of Peace – Camping at the Seeds of Peace

Seeds of Peace – Camping at the Seeds of Peace in Chicago

Seeds of Peace Camp, based in Otisfield, Maine, is an All-girls summer camp that attracts thousands of children each year who come from different countries. Established in 1974, the seeds of peace camp has been providing a quality summer camp experience for young girls from around the world. The mission of the camp is to provide a nurturing atmosphere for these girls where they can experience friendships while learning essential life skills. They are able to practice their creativity with arts and crafts, including Jewelry making and tailoring, art and music, cooking and baking, and sport and recreation.

This past August, Seeds of Peace hosted their 1st Big Hall season, which was filled with young talent from throughout the country. Highlights included an all-star talent show featuring many well known stars from both locally and internationally such as; Serena Williams, Brooke Burke, Taylor Swift, and Zac Efron. The crowd at this showcase was packed with both parents and their daughters looking for seeds of peace. The talent show was a huge success with over 20 kids coming out of the gates with their new careers.

During the opening reception, President Obama and the other participating campers were invited to visit the new site on the lawn. As a special gift to the camps attendees, the two White House aides introduced a “Seed of Peace” color game for the girls to play. This game was set up with a podium with two corresponding colored balls, two pins, and a large sheet of colored paper. Each player would shake the pin and place it in the corresponding colored area of the pin. The girls were then asked to identify the colors, which were based on the color of the Obama “pad”.

Campers were thrilled at the special activities that were offered at the Obama presidential campaign seeds of peace camp. Among the fun activities were a trip to the ” Oval Office”, a chance to meet former First Ladies, Cabinet members, Secretaries, and Congressmen, musicians, a visit to the White House, a picnic in the park, a dance party with special guest celebrity guest Tim Wilson, and much more! These were just a few of the special activities that took place during the time that Campers attended the seeds of peace camp. The Obama girls had a special bond with their female counterparts, as evident by how they treated each other like a queen and a princess! It is no wonder that the Campers of President Obama went on to have such a rewarding experience as they worked side by side with each other to help secure the hopes of America!

After attending the seeds of peace camp, the campers were then given an opportunity to return home and spend the summer working towards electing Barack Obama as President of the United States of America. This was not a difficult task, considering that the seeds of peace had already been planted! There were many issues plaguing our country at that time, which were mainly between the party political establishment, corporate interests, media biased against Obama, etc. However, when the seeds of peace were planted, these issues were easily solved. Campers felt good about voting for Obama, knowing that he was going to solve their problems. Many even said that they were “thrilled” with his win over John McCain.

seeds of peace are the next harvest of seeds of peace that the earth will need to continue to flourish and endure. Our present world is facing an environmental disaster, and our future is also in jeopardy. We must elect leaders that have the wisdom, courage, and integrity necessary to make wise decisions, and protect the future of our planet. electing Obama, Boni, and Tamika is a direct step towards achieving this.

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