Best The 2022 Fantasy Movies You Can Look Forward To

The 2022 Fantasy Movies You Can Look Forward To

The 2022 Fantasy Movies You Can Look Forward To

The release of Beauty And The Beast opens the door for fantasy movies in June. While some are bound to disappoint, others which have been made by Hollywood’s top talent and produced by the largest franchise producers may prove to be box office hits. Among these are the Harry Potter films, which were fantasy hit in the recent movie release, Theaters across the United States. The same can be said about The Lord of the Rings, which became fantasy hit with its release in the theaters in New Zealand in December of 2022. Both films earned millions upon millions of dollars at the box office. The Lord of the Rings and Beauty And The Beast are two examples of fantasy movies that worked and were wildly popular.

Other examples of the best fantasy movies 2022 can be found in the new Korean film parasite drama Byong Man, which debuted in Korean theaters this weekend. In contrast to the hapless heroics of the past such as The Passion Of The Christening, Byong Man gives us a hero who actually wins the prize. What makes this film a winner is that there is a villain in the form of an over-sized purple worm, which serves as the main nemesis. This makes Byong Man a much more interesting character, because the audience must also identify with the character if they are going to root for him against his nemesis.

Another installment in the best fantasy movies 2022 series, the vampire romance The Witch And The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms features Academy Award nominated actress Anne Hathaway in the role of Queen Victoria, who has been chosen to fight a war against the evil Dracula. Anne Hathaway also co-stars alongside Helena Bonham Carter as Dr. Grant, and Gary Oldman as a villain named Finbarr whom she must fight alongside. The cast also includes Jason Statham as the villainous Vassago, and Colin Firth as King Arthur, among many others. Set during the dark year of 4 February, The Witch And The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms is expected to be one of the year’s most talked about fantasy movies.

advertising introduced a new slate of projects in March, including the fantasy thriller Kingsmouth. Based on the graphic novel by Neil Gaiman, Kingsmouth follows the story of three families in modern day England, which are torn apart when their resident boy is killed in a car crash. As a result of this tragedy, their stable, middle class home is destroyed, and they must rebuild it from scratch. The film is directed by none other than Guy Ritchie, and according to IMDB it will be shooting soon.

Finally, the fantasy movies of 2022 are being overseen by Walt Disney for the next two years. Sources tell Variety that we can expect several major fantasy movies in the next two years, which will include the already announced Beauty And The Beast, and possibly one or two more. The only rumor so far is that Ben-Hur will not be appearing in the movie, but I suppose there’s always a chance. We’ll have to wait and see. What’s for sure is that both Disney and Spielberg will be back making classics in the future, hopefully sooner than later.

Some other notable films for the 2022 fantasy slate include the Warcraft remake, the live action adaptation of Kim Possible, the animated comedy Sing, and the live action The Legend of Zelda. It looks as if the direction of either Finding Nemo or Warcraft will bow out at the end of the year, but who knows? The bottom line is that the future looks very bright for fantasy movies in the coming year and beyond. Whether you’re looking for fantasy movies for your children, yourself, or someone else in your life, look forward to the future of movie-making in the magical realm created by the masters of Universal Studios and Walt Disney Pictures.

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