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The Best New Movies on

The Best New Movies on Netflix

As we all know the superhero genre is quite hot at the moment, and there are many action movies to choose from. Most of them were quite good, and some were just spectacularly bad. But here we will look at the Korean action movies 2022 Netflix, Kung Fu, No One Goes Home and World on Fire. All these are ranked very high by viewers in our polls.

This one is about a group of teenage Chinese girl’s who go to an international school and there they learn to fight crime. It has an estimate read time of about 8 mins. It’s based on a successful Chinese legend about the dragon slayer. One thing I like about Korean action movies is that they have the most realistic fighting and car chase sequences I have ever seen on screens. The CGI was so realistic that some viewers even reported feeling like they were actually there.

In this Netflix original movie titled No One Goes Home, three teens go on vacation to a quiet house in the mountains. As their vanishes, a mysterious stranger finds them and takes them for shelter. They struggle to survive and that draws them into a much bigger struggle against a group of terrorists. This one is my personal favorites as an action thriller. I would highly recommend it to people who like adventure movies and want a real action climax.

The Kong Movie was released in theaters right after the release of James Bond: From India With Love. Directed by Irpaniment (Koen Hertz) the movie was well received by the audience and went on to become one of the best action movies of all time. However, even though the movie was a hit, Wes Craven came out with a couple more films that were even better. He created the World of Craven and used his army of ants to terrorize the world. It was a great deal of fun to see Craven return to his horror film roots, but it also felt like he had created a brand new franchise. The Kong Movie was one of the best frees of Wes Craven and is definitely worth a look on your Netflix list.

If you want to see the classics, then I would definitely recommend any of the aforementioned movies. But if you want something new, then I suggest checking out Netflix’s list of the best new action movies on netflix. The list contains many movies that you probably did not even know existed on netflix at the time of their release. Some of the movies that appear on my Netflix list are; The Fantastic Mr Fox, Constantine, The Legend of Tarzan, Invictus, Men in Black 3, The Prestige, and many other classic and lesser known films.

The entire list of movies is below. Enjoy! You can get all of the high definition pictures and unlimited streaming on my Netflix subscription. It costs less than what most local theaters will charge for an entire evening of shows. Check out the links below and start enjoying some of the best new movies on Netflix.

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