Cool The Perfect Getaway For an Intercontinental Holiday

The Perfect Getaway For an Intercontinental Holiday

The Perfect Getaway For an Intercontinental Holiday

If you want to make a long holiday tour in Greece a reality then you should consider Kitchen Bodrum, a delightful getaway situated on the northern Aegean Sea in the Peloponnesus region. The town is best known for being a popular tourist hotspot because it offers a wide variety of things to do including visiting the ruins of ancient Pylos. However, there are other aspects of this beautiful area that you will be able to appreciate as you sample the local flavor. In addition to enjoying the culinary delights there are also some fun and interesting activities to participate in while you are here such as the most famous sport in Greece, basketball. The Basketball Association of Greece (BAG) has been actively participating in the sport for over 25 years so you can see some old friends or play with a budding star like Kostas Mitoglou.

“Locally Inspired Kitchen meets Mediterranean flavors, locally made delicacies and modern cooking styles inspired by the Islands. Restauranteur Osman Sezar presents menus focusing on healthy Mediterranean cuisine with an emphasis on locally grown ingredients and exotic fruits and vegetables. Guests can choose from seven different starters and four different main dishes. Vegetarian and vegan options are available on select dinners. Meals take place on a rotisserie grill, with bread crumbs, fresh vegetables and locally caught fish.”

The views in Kitchen Bodrum are simply breathtaking. The area is bordered on three sides by the Aegean Sea and on one side by the rocky coastline. In the center of the island is a picturesque harbour protected by strong walls. Facing the harbor is a luxurious modern marina with a restaurant serving fine dining, modern drinks and the ultimate comfort food: Turkish carpets. There are bars and clubs on both sides of the harbour, too, but the real excitement is to be found further inland where you’ll find a variety of restaurants specialising in local fresh seafood, freshly caught fresh fish, and locally caught olive oil.

The resort has a reputation for being family oriented with activities ranging from beach volleyball to tennis and horse-riding. For those who prefer something a bit more active, Bodrum has a number of parks situated throughout the island. The Kinaliada Park is perfect for jogging or walking, while the Hitech Park is great for playing tennis. If you’re looking for something a bit quieter, try the old-fashioned amusement park Aktarer, which is reminiscent of Coney Island. Don’t worry; you won’t have to leave the resort to enjoy it.

There are plenty of shops to choose from, both in town and on the island. Most offer Mediterranean-inspired cuisine, such as a variety of olive oils, cured meats and fresh fruits and vegetables. Be sure to check out the coffee and tea stalls – they’re the perfect break from the bustling main streets of Marmaris.

Although there are plenty of daytime activities, it’s the evenings that really make the place live. Enjoy a pint in the evening with friends, or catch an exclusive show at one of the beachside bars. Or sample a new cocktail from one of the many trendy cocktail bars on the island. If you prefer to stay put until the evening winds down, you can relax in front of your fully stocked kitchen and listen to the soft waves rolling in.

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