Cool Wedding Table Decoration Ideas – Decorate For Your Wedding With Balloons

Wedding Table Decoration Ideas – Decorate For Your Wedding With

Wedding Table Decoration Ideas – Decorate For Your Wedding With Balloons

Here you go! There are just the perfect wedding table decoration ideas just for you. Enjoy the day ahead with your soon to be spouse. Spread the news that you now have a family by adding some wedding table decoration ideas to your wedding reception centerpieces. Have fun! Just remember these wedding table decoration ideas will help you get through your wedding planning quicker.

For a beautiful effect use a combination of leaves and flowers. Combine pale blue, dark blue or lavender colored foliage and flowers. For a colorful effect create a centerpiece of red or yellow colored foliage with white flowers. If the wedding reception venue is large ask a florist to send in a sample of different blooms for you to choose from. This is just one of the wedding table decoration ideas that will make your wedding memorable.

If you are having a western theme use rustic themed wedding table decoration ideas. Use pinecones and cowboy hat’s to create a great centerpiece for the tables. Add a few dried pinecones in the base of each one for a unique touch. Dress up these rustic tables with wooden spoons that guests can use to carve sugar cookies.

For a bright and sunny look use balloon pumps to create a whimsical floral centerpiece. You will want to add several different colors of balloons to make this type of wedding table centerpiece stand out. To save on cost you can always order them pre-made at a wedding supply store. Just purchase the balloon pump, a couple of colorful balloons and a few color matching cards and you will have a great looking centerpiece.

Another cute centerpiece idea for a children’s wedding is to make gum paste flowers. Children love to put their finger in cute little flower arrangements. Give them a special children’s balloon to play with the helium inside. You can place this inside a cute heart shaped vase or even a five inch tall teddy bear. Fill the vase with water and let the kids play with it for a while.

Wedding balloons add just the right touch to any wedding decoration table. Combine balloons with flowers or ribbons in pretty bows for an eye catching centerpiece. Use colored latex balloons to fill in the spaces between the rows of flowers for a fresh and original look. You can also add helium filled balloons to your tables as well. A wedding cake topper with a balloon crown will be a beautiful addition to any wedding cake. With so many different wedding decoration ideas and balloons available how can you ever go wrong?

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